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Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Dangers of Certification

Don’t let the headline fool you; I’m not about to give you any excuses not to get your certifications. My aim is to bring light to the darker side of those achievements.

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Network Pathing of P->V

Unfortunately, most of the infrastructure here is still on 100Base-TX, including our core routing equipment. The only gigabit fabric I have available to me are the SLM2024’s purchased explicitly for iSCSI in our Hyper-V environment and a 2960G purchased by a previous administrator to connect the NetApp and enable inter-server communications to the backup system.

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Problems with P->V of OEM Windows Server 2003

When virtualized, an OEM installation of Server 2003 will detect hardware changes and attempt to force activation before allowing you to log on. Unfortunately, most OEM keys have been deactivated at the licensing center, so this will usually fail. You cannot update the key to a retail or volume key, as they are actually different products.

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Updating your cluster to Service Pack 1

Updating to Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 on your cluster works about the same way as applying regular Windows patches.

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