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Updating your cluster to Service Pack 1

Updating to Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 on your cluster works about the same way as applying regular Windows patches.

Use Hyper-V Manager or SCVMM to LiveMigrate the VMs off of one node to the others (or use SCVMM to put it into maintenance mode). Apply Service Pack 1 via your WSUS server or download the full package and execute it at the server’s console. Once it has installed and rebooted, follow suit on the other nodes (don’t forget to take them out of maintenance mode in SCVMM).

For guest operating systems to utilize dynamic memory or RemoteFX, they’ll have to have their Integration Services installation updated. For Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 guests, it is preferable to update them to Service Pack 1 instead. To install the Integration Services, access the VM from Hyper-V Manager and choose “Insert Integration Services” disk under the Action menu. If autorun is off on the guest, open the virtual DVD drive and manually activate the autorun. The installation is very straightforward, and requires a reboot of the guest once it has completed.

The only guest operating systems that can take advantage of dynamic memory are Server 2003 and above in the server line, and Vista and above in the desktop line. This means no dynamic memory for XP or Linux guests.

There is a bug in Hyper-V Manager that causes it to only accept one change in the dynamic memory tab at a time. If you set the floor and ceiling values on the same edit, the ceiling will be reset to 64GB. The workaround is to make the changes in two passes, or, preferably, to enter the floor value, click Apply, enter the ceiling value, and then click OK. SCVMM cannot yet understand dynamic memory at all, but it does accurately report RAM utilization of the hosts.

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