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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Service Pack 1 For System Center Virtual Machine Manager

To me, SCVMM has always been the weakest point of a Hyper-V deployment. It doesn’t completely eliminate the need to use the free Hyper-V Manager and Failover Cluster Manager tools, a lot of the windows are poorly designed, and it just feels like it always runs with the brakes on. That’s been somewhat passable since VMWare’s vCenter isn’t any better. It’s past time that one company or the other step it up and produce a hypervisor console that at least looks like it wasn’t an afterthought. SP1 for SCVMM is not even close to such an attempt. The only reasons for you to upgrade will be to gain SCVMM support for Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX in Hyper-V R2 SP1. If you aren’t running that version of Hyper-V, if you aren’t using either of those two technologies, or if you’re OK accessing them in Hyper-V Manager, then there is absolutely no reason to go through the hassle of the upgrade.

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