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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Converting a Cluster from Server Core to native Hyper-V

I learned something rather odd: RemoteFX is not supported on any Server Core install. I have no idea what the rationale is behind this. This doesn’t impact me a lot, since we’re running purely server OSs in our virtual environment, and even when we do implement VDI, it’s unlikely that we’ll need what RemoteFX has to offer. Still, it sparked a question in me: can you convert an existing Server Core cluster to Hyper-V, and most importantly, can it be done without downtime? The answer is yes!

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Upgrading a Windows 2003 Guest VM to Windows 2008

A sensible approach to upgrading aging operating systems is to virtualize first and upgrade later. Upgrading an operating system is never a light undertaking under any circumstances. Doing so in a virtual environment gives you the comfort of a snapshot safety net, but adds its own challenges.

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