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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Hello, IT? You’re Doing It Wrong–Part 1

Yes, I’m serious. You are not doing your job properly. Your goals are wrong, your approach is wrong, your methods are wrong, and your complaints about your job are mostly due to situations you created or contributed to. Hold your arguments, defenses and rotten tomatoes until the end.

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Free Tools That Every (SMB) Windows Administrator Should Install

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones whose IT budget lets you have every management, maintenance, and diagnostics tool you ever dreamed of. You might even be lucky enough that you’re at least somewhat specialized: there are other people in IT that are responsible for other things. For the rest of us, we might hear about how valued IT is as a department, but we know that they know that every time the CFO reviews the company’s numbers, everything related to IT is colored red. If that’s your company, this list is for you. We’re also either alone in IT or share a room with one or two other generalists, all of which are expected to do anything that any of the others can do.

Everything on this list is free. Only a few are freed. If such things matter to you beyond the fact that you don’t have to spend any money on them, you probably don’t need further explanation.

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Hyper-V Manager and Failover Cluster Tools

I’ve noticed from the query hits against the master install document that it isn’t obvious how to access these tools. Read more of this post

SCVMM Maximum disk I/O per second setting

There is a bug in SCVMM, both RTM and SP1, that doesn’t properly handle the possible values for this field. That was fixed in a later rollup. The default value is still too low for most installations.

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Virtual Network/Switch Troubleshooting

For the most part, virtual switches are pain-free to implement and maintain. When something does go wrong, there are tools available to help you get through.

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