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Hyper-V Network Binding Order

A message from a LinkedIn member prompted me to look into how binding order works in the Hyper-V world. After looking around, I found out that this was a much larger issue than I knew. So, I’ve put together a comprehensive blog post that covers the issue. You can read it on the Altaro blog. It is applicable to both Hyper-V R2 and 2012.

It’s NOT the Network, the Hypervisor, or the OS!

I’ll do my best to keep this posting on an even keel and not let it devolve into a rant, but no promises. As I poke around in various technical forums, whether LinkedIn or Spiceworks or TechNet or whatever, a new theme is popping up. People are complaining that they’ve dropped in a shiny new 10G network and just can’t figure out why it’s not any faster than their old 1GB network, or they’re using internal/private networks inside Hyper-V or ESX and they don’t go any faster than a standard copper line. In a couple of cases, I’ve actually taken the effort to try to explain what’s going on, but usually it falls on deaf ears. This post serves as both an explanation and an appeal to the more sensible administrators out there to look at what’s really going on.

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Virtual Network/Switch Troubleshooting

For the most part, virtual switches are pain-free to implement and maintain. When something does go wrong, there are tools available to help you get through.

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